Lavish Cosmetic - the difference is in the touch

Dr Jayne Bambit and her all female staff at Lavish Cosmetic Surgery Clinic appreciates that every woman is an individual with unique needs.

We understand that if you are considering cosmetic surgery or related procedures, your concerns are often very personal and that you are seeking advice and information from someone who can appreciate your needs.

We are a team of professional and highly trained women committed to providing the highest quality of care, understanding and support in a professional, yet friendly environment. We can relate to the issues that many women experience.

Dr Jayne Bambit is one of a few female doctors in Australia with extensive experience in cosmetic surgery procedures. She established Lavish Cosmetic Surgery Clinic to provide women like you with the special care and attention that you deserve.

When considering cosmetic surgery each woman has particular aims, goals and expectations. Dr Bambit takes the time to listen to her patients, offering guidance and advice according to their individual needs.

All consultations are strictly confidential and focused on ensuring the appropriate surgical and/or non-surgical treatment options are discussed in detail. The aim is to recommend the treatment/s which best meets your needs and expectations, and are in keeping with your lifestyle.

As well as cosmetic surgery, Lavish Cosmetic Surgery Beauty Clinic has a team of skin specialists who specialises in anti-ageing treatments, skin rejuvenation and restorative beauty treatments including Anti-Wrinkle Injectables.

Dr Bambit and her staff have had extensive experience in anti-ageing treatments and skin rejuvenation, and are very happy to provide advice on all aspects of skin care and rejuvenation. We have extensively researched various treatment options and product ranges in order to select those which are simple, effective and affordable. Dr Bambit and her staff also have a special interest in treating teenage skin for acne and acne scarring.

All treatments are individualized and depend upon your personal requirements and needs. An initial consultation will be required to determine your main concerns and the results you wish to achieve. The most beneficial treatment options will then be discussed to ensure that the best beauty treatment plan is presented to you.

"Our priorities are honesty, integrity and professionalism. Our promise is to treat every patient with the utmost care."


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